Wednesday, August 15, 2012


morning everyone,

as I mentioned in the last post, Leslie and I are getting married.  A friend reminded me today that Leslie has really been there for me during this whole journey.   I hadn't forgotten it, but a little reminder is always good. She's been amazing this past year and half, and truly I never really understood how much I need someone that cares & loves me, and who I can trust and count on and lean on. She's been that person. Part of me, saw myself as a lone wolf, not needing anyone or anything. But that's not the case.  Yes, I still like my Matt time, but not all the time.

We told Dr Phan and the nurses yesterday about the marriage. They all thought we were already married (maybe because we told them we were).  But they were all very happy with the news.  The doctor and nurses are definitely part of the team and part of the family.  One of these nurses is leaving this week. She got a job at Cedars Sinai. Something she couldn't pass up.  I feel almost like a parent with one of their kids leaving home.  I'm proud and happy for her, but also a little sad.

Saturday is a birthday party for Steve's grandma, who we have met at Phan's office many times.  I was invited and plan to be there.  File it under: friends you never expected to have, but do.

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