Sunday, August 19, 2012

Emotional Day

Yesterday, I went to a birthday bbq for Steve's grandma. Steve, as you know, is a fellow patient at Dr. Phan's office. He is the first person I met when I started chemo. His grandma is usually with him.  She turned 83 yesterday and is in amazing shape. She and Steve are the nicest people. Steve, though, isn't doing so well.  But he's still fighting. I felt a little sheepish that I'm doing well and we basically started treatment around the same time.  Sheepish is just one emotion of the day. It was a sad, beautiful, touching day. The bbq started with a  couple of prayers, in both Spanish and English. Steve gave me a couple of crosses, for me and Leslie. A beautiful gift. A couple of nurses from one of the local hospitals were there. I know them as well, and it was great to see them. And there were a lot of family members there. The birthday was for grandma, but the party was also for Steve....almost seemed like they were all there to spend time with him, in case it was the last time they'd have a chance. Very sad. But it was also an amazing day, to see him being brave and real. He knows what is going on. He actually had a brief hospital visit yesterday morning.  And that was my day, a reminder of the seriousness of this, but also a great insight into the human spirit and strength and love.

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  1. Sad and emotional reading this. Glad you went.
    Always loved this about you.


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