Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Week Ahead

Sunday evening here in Long Beach. Tomorrow morning Leslie and I are flying to Charlotte, North Carolina to see my dad and stepmom. It's been a few years since I've seen them. We've got an hour and half layover in Minneapolis. You know who'll have new Viking gear.....that's right, me. On Thursday we fly from Charlotte to Columbus, Ohio to see my nephew Dillon and his wife Jacquie....two of our favorite people. Then back home Sunday.

The Monday after we're back, we see Berenson.  The question will be am I going to maintenance or doing another cycle of chemo. We'll see.  I continue to feel great, so whatever keeps me feeling like this, is good with me.

And that brings me to this blog.  My updates are less frequent. The crisis phase of the myeloma is behind me...hopefully for good. I'm trying to lead a normal life and not see myself as a cancer patient...rather I'm just me. Last summer was pretty darn scary. When we were struggling to find a chemo mix that worked, I wasn't so sure I'd make it to the end of 2011.  Now, I am trying to view this cancer as a chronic disease....just something that I'll always have to deal with and be aware of. I want to forget 2011. It sucked and I want to put it behind me. I find now the biggest challenge is the mental aspect, I can't let my mind wander and I can't think about what ifs. That's not helpful. Updating the blog, feels to me like a reminder of how crappy I felt. So perhaps I'll bring the blog to a close. Not sure. I'll ponder it over the next few days.  But just know that I so very much appreciate every one's support and concern. It's been really helpful. 

Anyhow, I'll update folks on the blog after I see Berenson next week and we'll go from them,


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  1. So Matt, you haven't had a SCT? Or or you in CR just from the chemo mix?


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