Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Latest

Still not sure what to do with the blog. For now I'll keep updating folks. I got Phan and Berenson onto the same page re one more cycle of treanda. Thumbs up. Green light. Berenson's concern was my white blood cell some point the treanda might make it permanently low..not good.But phan is confident we're not there yet. It's pretty low right now and I'll get shots for the remainder of the week to bring it up. Also a small concern that treanda can lead to other bone marrow related issues in later years. That's the trick of cancer treatment for any cancer patient...the need to balance the need of treating the immediate cancer vs potential future effects of chemo & radiation (see Robin Roberts of Good Morning America). Talked about this with Phan....our focus is safely treating the myeloma and as he put it "working to get me to 90. So yesterday was another cycle of treanda. We'll do this cycle and then definitely move me to maintenance. I'm good with that. I just had 3 weeks of no chemo and have continued to feel great. That is the best news.

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