Monday, May 7, 2012

The Week Ahead

Happy Monday everyone. Actually, I don't like Mondays. Weekends go by so fast. We had a small bbq on Saturday and a couple of friends came over to watch the Mayweather fight. Also went for a bike ride. If that's not normalcy, I don't know what is. Big week this week. Zoller the shot caller kidney doc on Weds. Doing blood work before seeing her. We've been visualzing saying: In your face Zoller, kidneys can improve! Well my kdneys have improved, but now that I haven't had chemo for a week and a half, they should be even better. We'll see on Weds. Doc Berenson is Thursday and we'll dscuss maintenace. Woohoo! I'm feeling pretty darn good and if we just keep me feeling like this, I'll be happy. I did let my self fall in to the trap of thinking about "what ifs" going in to the fuire. Not necessarily a good idea. You start thinking about things that could go wrong and next thing you know, you're bummed out. Note to self: only think about positive things going forward.

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