Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exciting News 2

We saw doctor Berenson today. We were expecting to discuss switching to the maintenance phase of treatment. A good thing. But in looking at my labs, we're still seeming some good results from chemo and my body is tolerating it really well.  One thing we measure is bad protein in my urine. This count is now at it lowest point since I was diagnosed. Awesome! So in talking with Dr B and given how great I feel, we're doing another cycle...which I'm happy to do. It means we're going to blast the shiznit out of this myeloma and we are keeping the good stuff moving forward.

Yesterday was an appointment with Debby Downer also known as Dr Zoller, the kidney doctor. My kidneys have stabilized but we still need to see improvement. Knocking the cancer down will do that. Exercise and diet will help. But Zoller asks negative questions and really assumes or expects the worse. Leslie and I went into her office happy and left bummed out. I don't want to get into specifics, but seems like her bedside manner could use an upgrade.  A few months ago we saw a different kidney doctor to get a second opinion. It was someone recommended to us by Berenson. He has experience with myeloma patients with bad kidneys, whereas Doc  Zoller is used to seeing patients who have kidney disease as their primary problem. I think her lack of experience with cancer or more specifically myeloma patients has something to do with her approach with me. She's always been like this. She's definitely a good doctor, my kidneys are hanging in there with her guidance. So I think we'll be going to back to kidney doctor recommended to us by Berenson.

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  1. I guess "finagaling is in our blood!" Hats off again to Dr. Berenso for giving you another week of chemo. You, your good you!! Sis


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