Friday, April 27, 2012

Steve Part II

Morning all,

It's been a few days since I've checked in. Today I wrap up my latest cycle of chemo. Cycle 9 of the treanda routine. Been successful. May 2 is the anniversary of my diagnosis, so taking some cupcakes to Phan's office to thank them for all they've done.

I went back to Phan's office on Monday and saw Steve. He was getting chemo, after spending some time in the hospital. It was sad but also inspiring seeing him. He has pancreatic cancer and recently had some tumors on his brain removed and had been having seizures. We talked about the journey and ordeal...pretty fricking emotional. But he's super strong and has a great attitude, and is just such a nice guy.  His uncle was with him and sounds like he has a real good support system. We exchanged phone numbers and hopefully we'll keep in touch. That's the plan.

That's about all I have for now.  Berenson in a couple of weeks, we'll discuss maintenance. Zoller the kidney doc also in a couple of weeks.

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