Thursday, April 12, 2012

quickie update

It's Thursday and I'm in my second week off of chemo. I feel pretty darn good. If this is how I'm going to feel going forward, I'd be pretty satisfied, although my preference would be to be at 100%.  Tomorrow we see Berenson and have the maintenance discussion. I'm inclined to do one more cycle of chemo and then switch to maintenance. My lab results this week showed more improvement, so why not do another cycle to get a bit more improvement.  There are concerns with doing too much can impact the body and some of your organs. Toxic poisons being blasted into your body tend to do that.   Been getting a shot every day the past two weeks to help with my white blood cell count. It's low from chemo, which is typical.

And that's about it.  The take away is that I'm doing great. Way way way better than I was several months ago.

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