Monday, March 26, 2012

Tired .....Argh!

Not really much to report. In the middle of chemo cycle 8. Felt good ths weekend. Saw a friend, hung out and did normal stuff. Worked out saturday and sunday. Even rode the stationary bike for an hour. All good. But today is Monday and I am fricking tired. I think the chemo from last week caught up with me. And then the problem is, when I go from feeling so good to feeling so tired, I get pissed off. I am so tired of being tired. It's been almost a year now. I've been busting my ass to keep working, to take care of myself, to recover. That ass busting can get exhausting. And that's where I am at today. Tired and irritable. And lately I've been seriously craving chocolate. I love chocolate but it's not on the kidney diet. But damn it sounds good!

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  1. Sorry. The thought of having chocolate is probably better than actually having it. I found with my craving for milk was so intense, that I actually took a sip, and it wasn't nearly as good as I thought. I enjoy the soy milk much better. Your strong, I know it sucks, but you CAN DO IT!!!! sis


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