Friday, March 16, 2012


Day one of March Madness is done. Lots of basketball. Long Beach State and UNLV losing hurts my bracket, but I'm still doing ok.

Berenson today. I would think he'll be happy with how I am doing and will keep me on the same program I've been on. Creatinin is hanging around 5.5. That's good, but we want it lower. Also, my bad protein count is down as well.  I am feeling good. I've worked 9 days a row, typically till 2 or 3.  Not full days, but getting close. Tomorrow I go to first trip. Should be good. I'm a little paranoid about security, what with my meds and port a cath. But I have a doctors note and various information about the port a cath and  a copy of the prescription for the liquid medicine I take. So I think I am over prepared.

And I continue to get fat. I had a bad dream the other night that I was super huge. I got to get on a regular exercise routine.

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