Wednesday, March 7, 2012


5.46. That's my creatinin today. Lowest in fricking ages. Continued improvement! We saw Doc Zoller, shot caller, today. Typically she doesn't get real thrilled with my results and sometimes can be a real downer. But today she was all smiles and real happy with my progress. Nonetheless, I stay on the same program...kidney meds and blah diet. Although she did say I can add some beans to the mix. Good source of protein, but I gotta watch the phosphorus. Baby steps!

Also had acupuncture today. Super relaxing and I believe it's helping.

1 more week of no chemo, then trip to Arizona, then back to chemo.

My mom is back in Long Beach this week. She got an apartment down here when I was diagnosed, but has been up north the past couple of months given I'm kind of on cruise control. It'll be real nice to see her, been a while.

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