Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time Flies

Another week is over. Week 1 of the latest chemo cycle. Time really goes by quick. I had a good week at work. I'm typically staying till about 2:30 now, which is real good. Making sure not to push it too much. But if you all remember, a few months back, there were days that I barely made it to 9:30 and I'd be utterly wiped out. Today I need to do blood work, and I think I'll ride my bike to the lab. I'm heavier now than when I first was diagnosed. It's a good sign that I am gaining weight, but I feel like a blob. I've got to get more active.

At chemo today, I watched Bucket List. I never wanted to before, just felt like it hit too close to home. But it was real good, different than I imagined, and reminded me that every day is a gift. Between my 44th and 45th, (5years ago), I made a 45 by 45 list. 45 things I wanted to accomplish during that year between 44 and 45. It was me traveling, reading, and trying new things. No jumping out of a plane though. When I was kid I wanted to, but as a chicken adult....heck no.

50/50 is another cancer movie I haven't wanted to see. Again, it hits too close to home.
But maybe I'm ready for it now, perhaps there is a message to be gleaned from it.

I want to mention a couple of other things. Congratulations to my nieces Destiny and Jacquie. Destiny has now passed all four of her required CPA exams. She is the real deal, and that's a huge deal. Jacquie is starring in the Wonderful Marvelettes (duh I mean the Marvelous Wonderettes) in Columbus Ohio and is "unexpectedly funny" they say. Suffice it to say, I'm a very proud uncle.

A couple of pieces of downer news, a friend of Leslie and me was diagnosed recently with cancer and is soon having surgery and starting chemo. She has spent many years working in the port area, which furthers my growing theory that it is a hugely unhealthy environment. That's 3 cancer cases in one year. I don't know, seems like a lot. Leslie went with the friend to the doctor the other day to provide moral support. It's some scary shit, and I am impressed with Leslie's ability to be there for people. And of course, my well wishes and thoughts go to our friend. She's got a journey ahead of her, but she can do it.

Lastly, my thoughts are with my step-sister, Rhona, who's husband, Herb, passed away a couple of weeks ago. Herb was a great and unique individual. He asked lots of questions and was a non stop walker. I visited Herb and Rhona in rural Pennsylvania several years ago and he took me for a walk. I was fricking exhausted, I think we crossed into 3 or 4 other states. He just kept going and going. He'll be missed.

And that's my report for now. Doing some travel planning this weekend. Time for us to get out of town and visit some folks.

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