Friday, February 3, 2012

done with latest cycle

I wrapped up my latest cycle of chemo today. Now two weeks off. During the two weeks, I'll do complete lab work and see Berenson. That's the true measure of how I'm doing. But today my blood count was 11.5, which is really good. It means I am keeping the blood in my body from the recent transfusion and it means that I am making blood and it's not being displaced by the cancer cells. I'll take it.  We didn't get a creatinin count today, but that's ok. I imagine it's holding steady or improving along with the cancer.

I saw Erin, my cancer coach, yesterday. She is super helpful and gives some good tips & advise for dealing with the mental part of this and the fear & worry that comes with being a cancer patient. I was pondering going to a myeloma support group, but never really wanted to before now. I thought it might be more of a downer, in terms of hearing other people's stories. I want support and tips for staying positive and staying focused on being healthy. Erin kind of poo pooed the support groups. She's a cancer survivor and says that the majority of support groups leave you feeling worse or more depressed and not motivated, I still might try one out and see for myself.

I think I might have dreamt about food again last night. Also been thinking lots about friends and family who I want to see this year. You're all part of my support group. I'm still blown away by how great and caring people have been. It means a lot. I told Phan's nurses today that they're part of my support group as well, they are amazing.

I gotta get more regular with the exercise though. Seriously feeling flabby, loose, out of shape and like a wrinkly old man. My hands have always looked old, but right now they look like 90 year old man hands.  I grew a beard back and am letting my hair grow out. I didn't lose it, so I'm letting it go. Or as Berenson said to me the last time I saw him: "I'm going for the hippie look".

And one last is how time flies, it's 9 months into this and I still haven't discovered or even examined what my passion might be. I figured by now I'd be a banjo expert or painting a portrait every week or be an expert of western bird calls. But none of that has happened. Time has flown by.

And that's all I got. Thanks everyone.


  1. I like the banjo part. But whatever seeks your fancy. Love, Dana

  2. I think you should make you passion swimming...although I'm pretty sure you're a monkey enthusiast.
    - Jimmy V


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