Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm getting a little lazy with blog updates. I suppose it's cause I'm making progress and in a routine. And I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Today I finished the latest cycle of chemo. Maybe 3 more cycles to go. We'll do comprehensive lab work in a week or so, followed by a Berenson appointment. That'll be they truest test about where I am at. I did see the kidney doctor this week, she didn't have much to say, other than I don't need to see her for two months. Whether the kidneys are permanently damaged still isn't known. But I say they're doing good. Also saw the cancer coach this week. Hugely helpful with the mental part of all this. I went swimming for the second time....really nice. I just focus on my form and count laps and breath. No time to think about cancer. Been working, that's going good. I'd like to have more energy at work and I think the two week break in chemo will help with that. Next week I am seeing a natural wellness I can balance my chemo/medical routine with natural healing. It all helps.

And i think that's it. Me and Leslie still have a powerful team, and the love & support from family and friends is awesome.

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Berenson Oncology Success Rate

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