Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's a new year, filled with optimism, but locked into the same routine. Had chemo today, reviewed lab numbers, did a little work and now home. Tomorrow is back to work and appointment with the kidney doc.  I've been tired the past couple of days, which is only natural given the stem cell harvesting and treanda. But I don't like being so tired and it unfortunately heightens or re-engages my paranoia and worry. My numbers are pretty good, not a  lot of change. So logically, I know I am doing better, but the mental aspect is tough. It can wear a person down.

Friday is more chemo, then I get a two week break, during which I should feel pretty good.


  1. Keep Fighting

    Yvon (Fellow Myeloma Fighter)

  2. Sounds like Yvon has dealt with this since 2003. He was given more time through greatness and wonderfulness!! Right up your alley, keep fighting and let the positive thoughts work for you!!!
    Luv sis.

    p.s. see you in 2 days, can't wait so excited!!


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