Friday, December 9, 2011


wow, another week has passed. Time is zipping by.  Not much to report this week. I'm on a break from chemo. I won't restart until first week in January. Today I am doing lab work and I'll see the numbers next week. So right now, I have no idea how I'm doing...other than I feel pretty good. I worked every day this week. busy, busy.

Next week we see Berenson and will get more of an idea about how I am doing. Saw my cancer coach yesterday, which is really helpful. Keeps me focused on my health.

Later next week I start the mobilization process for my stem cell harvesting. Mobilization is a fancy way of saying I'll be getting daily shots to boost my stem cell production. Then on December 19 I'll get another perm a cath and get hooked up to a machine for 3-5 days to collect my stem cells. Once they are done collecting, this perm a cath comes out. So I won't have tubes hanging out of my neck for some indefinite period of time.  This is all happening at Cedars, and Cedars is paying for hotel room so we can stay right near the hospital.  So other than being hooked up to a machine for hours every day, it'll be like a mini vacation.

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