Friday, December 2, 2011


Vent time.  I'm still doing good. Had chemo yesterday, now it's break time.  We'll do complete lab work in about a week to get some numerical results.  But at the same time, this week has been a mentally draining one.  Going back to Cedars today to do some tests and work ups that would all be used to get insurnace approval for harvesting my stem cells.  Logistical problem though....I want to do the process during my off weeks and not miss any chemo.  But with the holidays coming up and likely approval timeline, seems like I might be pushing back chemo this month. I don't like that. And then as of the first of the year, my work is changing insurance provider. The decision was made with no apparent consideration on what it might mean to people currently being treated.  My current insurance has been great, they've approved everything in a timely fashion. I've heard nothing good about the new provider and they'll likely question much more of my treatment..which we already know is not traditional.....I have my own special chemo mix.  Meanwhile at work, I'm dealing with our H.R. who is doing very little to help me not worry about getting paid and being insured.  I've got a meeting scheduled Monday with H.R. and my boss to discuss.  There shouldn't be any glitches and everything should be ok, but they make the process so unnecessarily convoluted and frustrating.

Thus...Argh!!  Between scheduling and insurance and work and being over 7 months into this, my brain is at capacity.  But I need to remember I'm doing better and have made some giant improvements over the past few months.

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