Monday, November 7, 2011

The week ahead

Feeling good, entering week 2 of my break from chemo. Busy week ahead.  Today is Dr Berenson. Tomorrow is a new doctor, Dr Lill, to discuss stem cell options.  Weds is Zoller, shot caller, to see how kidneys are doing. We know the kidneys are improving, so let's see what she has to say.  Oh, and of course blood work today.

At work on Wednesday, there is an early thanksgiving potluck.  I'm making a chorizo/apple stuffing. I love stuffing.

1 comment:

  1. I come on to check up on you regarding your health.... if this is going to turn into another one of those "pro-stuffing" blogs then I'm out. I can't BELIEVE you're taking it there.

    Maybe I'm just on edge because I just found out we're supposed to single space after each sentence. I think it's total bullshit. Thought I would turn to you, Matt.... unless you have had other things on your plate at the moment.

    (Insert effortless stuffing play on words here.)

    Next topic: Vikings beat the Raiders this weekend. AP goes off. Appointment television.... I hope you are planning to plant yourself in front of the tube and rock the purple jersey. Just something to Ponder.


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