Monday, November 28, 2011

Post Thanksgiving

Happy post thanksgiving everyone. Leslie, Gracie and I did something different this year. We got in the car and started driving. We haven't been anywhere since I was diagnosed and thought it'd be nice to get away.  We ended up in Pismo Beach. I don't think I'd been there before. It's beautiful. We got a hotel room at the Spyglass Inn, with a beach view and they allows dogs. We had a non-turkey dinner from the restaurant and it was great.  I'm feeling good and it was awesome to get away and not think about cancer for a couple of days.  We got home Friday night and I was basically pooped out the rest of the weekend. But well worth it.

Today it was chemo. No treanda this week, so the treatment is very short. I go again Thursday and then I have two weeks off. Dr Phan is letting me not do labs this no worries about the results.  Tomorrow we go back to Cedars to discuss more about harvesting my cell stems. At the very least, it would be good to freeze those suckers.  We'll see what they say. If possible I want to do it during week two of my 2 week break.  I don't want to delay my normal chemo cycle.

Also tomorrow at work is a meeting that I scheduled and really want to be a part of. If we can get out of the doctor appointment on time, I might be able to make it back to the office in time for the meeting.  Hopefully, timing works.

And that's about it. Continue to feel good and make progress.  We see Berenson in a week or so and that will give me a better idea of my status.

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