Friday, October 21, 2011


TGIF doesn't mean a whole lot to me. I often am not sure what the day is. Not that I 'm confused, it's just that days don't mean much. I was in the office a couple of days this week. Felt great. I got a transfusion one day and I had two days of chemo. What day these things happened is irrelevant. The important thing is they happened.

Work is crazy busy. But it's busy with stuff that I'm not thrilled doing. And it prevents me from doing what I'd rather by doing, which is planning bike paths in the port.

Speaking of bikes, I've set a goal that before the year is over, I'm riding to work and home. The entire length.

We talked to Zoller today, next week we schedule removal of my perm a cath. Likely the first week of November. Hot diggity dog! Hello I missed you. Hello stand up paddle boarding. A friend will be teaching me how in early November. But the perm a cath has to be removed first. My fistula is all healed. I now have a super vein. Still no dialysis.

And that's my story.

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