Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yesterday it was back to chemo. No problem. With my new drug regimen I get a huge dose of benedryl. That shit knocks me out. I get loopy, which is fun, but then I get tired. So I napped through most of chemo and came home and went to bed for the night. At 6 pm. My lab numbers were ok. No major improvements, but stable. And I continue to feel pretty darn good.

Tomorrow I am getting a blood transfusion. I'm a little low on blood. While I am doing that, Leslie will go to my work to listen to what our soon to be new insurance provider has to say. No one is happy about the change, it's a money saving move by the city. But it's being forced on us and naturally those of us in the midst of health issues are worried what the change means for our treatment. Insurance up to now has been awesome.

One side note....Dr Phan seems to have a fair number of new patients, all with some sort of blood cancer. Not necessarily myeloma. But it makes you wonder about our environment and what sort of toxic crap we're exposed to every day.

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  1. It's an interesting topic that you bring up in the 3rd paragraph... it feels (putting everything in life into a sports analogy) like a draft or a trade.... something we'll only REALLY know a little bit down the line....

    it does seem a little more than strange that there is so much (for lack of better phrasing, and I don't think the present company is adverse to this type of shocking candor) fucking fucked up shit that is going on right now with people's health.

    (I have extreme conspiracy theories regarding cellphones and our health and enlightenment in about 2024, but I'll save them for now)

    Seems just crazy that there are groups of people starting treatment like you mentioned.... a fair number all in with blood cancer. It really DOES make you wonder.... this isn't "we used to ride around with no seat belts and look -- we made it."

    this is the generation used to living on credit cards, watching cable tv on flights, texting while driving while emailing while downloading music while driving through at Starbucks, not caring when anything airs because you tivo'd it anyway, reading books on kindles, seeing music go from vinyl to 8 track to cassette tapes to cds to mp3 to strictly ipods.... but along with everything else why would this be the generation of people getting REALLY REALLY SICK REALLY REALLY EARLY IN THEIR LIVES?

    it doesn't make sense, and it's not a "generational" thing. No old timers are sitting around the porch saying "in my day we produced enough blood cells -- what's wrong with these kids".....

    like i said, only time will tell, but i think it's fishy as well. it's gonna take somebody a hell of a lot smarter than me to sift through this one.


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