Monday, October 10, 2011

Leslie did it. High five Leslie

Today's Monday. The birthday weekend is over. I still feel good, but opted to not go in to the office and instead stayed home to rest. I broke my five day streak.

This morning I had to go to the lab to give blood and get the container to start my 24 hour urine collection, which is much more tolerable doing at home than it is at the office. It's not a lot of fun carrying a cooler of pee around work.  Blood and urine tests are fairly typical for a Monday. Plus we see Berenson later this week and he needs to see the most recent test results.

What was different today is that I had to get a shot to boost my white blood cell count.Chemo brings it down, but until now it hadn't gotten so low that I had to get a shot. We went to Phan's office today for the shot. But it is something we can do at home. It's only for five days that I need to do it.  So at Phan's office, Leslie practiced. She loaded the syringe and gave me the shot. All without question and all without feeling flush or faint. She did an excellent job. Didn't even hurt. I was impressed. Good job Leslie!

Tomorrow back to work.


  1. GO Leslie!!! Is there anything she can't do? Answer... NO! She can do it all! High five from me too. Matt A.

  2. OK nurse betty! Are you gonna show me up? he-he, Dana

    glad u had a great birth day!!! congradulations of being part of the 50 club!

  3. Reading the blog of the last few days has put a smile on my face. Happy Birthday Old Man. Leslie sounds like an ass-kicker!!!


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