Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'm feeling good, stupendous, fabulous, encouraged, motivated, stoked, jazzed, and all that. We saw doc Zoller today, she's a baller, a shot caller. Normally she's the bearer of pessimistic news regarding my kidneys. But today she actually smiled and gave positive news. While my creatinin is still high and we won't know long term kidney status for a while, my kidneys are showing sign of improvements...slowly getting better, slowly showing fewer signs of the cancer caused protein. So Zoller was happy for me and for my progress, and even eliminated one kidney medicine, The downfall to her positivity is that it caught me off guard. She said 4 more weeks till we take out the perm a cath.....and idiot me said ok. If she had been her normal bad news self, I'd of been ready and fought to have it out in 2 weeks. I still might call her this week coming up and push for 2.

The down part of feeling good, and of having steroids today (well technically yesterday), is that it's 2:30 and I can't sleep. This wouldn't be so bad, except we're having a yard sale today and we need to get up early to set up. Me don't want to be tired for the sale. It'll be fun and perhaps profitable Maybe our sign should say Cancer Sale....then we might really clean up. I had some sleepy time tea and that got me a couple of hours of shut eye. And now I'm kind of hungry but don't think Captain Crunch at 3 am is the best idea. Oh quick side note, when I first got sick I weighed 205. This morning I was 186.  I notice it the most in my shorts (TWSS).....they're all so baggy now. But I don't think I look sickly or skinny...hence the man boob in the perm a cath photo.

And that's all I got. I need to sleep.....wish me luck.

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  1. On a positive note: Your calves are now normal size. Not freakishly, large, grizzly size. You should invest in some 'jeggings' while you still can.


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