Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 1 of Visualizing

Went on nearly 30 minute bike ride with Matt. Slow pace and flat but felt great. Freedom.

Tried using relaxation technique to go to sleep last night. Seemed to work. I didn't get past my knees and I was out. And feeling rested today.

Question... Anyone claiming the Viking fleece blanket I got for my birthday? It had no name on it and I threw out package with store name. So whoever sent it, thank you....I've been using it.


  1. i like the visualization technique... have never had to deal with what you're dealing with, but when i hear it talked about i always wish i'd use it more in my life.

    everything starts with a vision..... nobody ever just stumbles onto something they really, really want without first having thought or planned or visualized it.

    even a guy walking into a store and buying a super lotto ticket that has a 1 in 1.56 trillion chance of winning has imagined what it would be like to match the numbers, imagined how he'd spend the money, then set aside the money to buy the ticket, etc..... amazing that we'd use visualization on something as remote and seemingly thoughtless as that, but not more in our daily lives with things that we can touch and feel and really get.

    hope the visualization is working -- and i didn't get you the fleece or the fucking swiss cheese defense they had going tonight. That was a joke. I hope you went to bed around 5:15. Between that game and the baseball game, I can't decide which one was over quicker. Both started at 5:30 and were complete blowouts by 5:45. That's must snooze TV.

  2. The Blanket mystery is now solved. Imagine being married to him...


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