Monday, October 10, 2011

50 The birthday weekend....saturday

I think I've written before that I was turning 50 this year. It's pretty momentous. I was super excited about the prospect. Until I caught the myeloma. It kind of took the thrill away. But as it got closer and as I saw positive results in my battle, some of the excitement returned. Still, I hadn't really planned anything. But Leslie did it for me. She planned a day trip on Saturday with Matt and Rich.  We're fans of the show Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, where the host goes across the country to basically eat. We talk about wanting to take a road trip to eat at some of these places. Well, my birthday road trip was a trip to a place called Oinster in Eagle Rock, about 40 miles from our house. Pulled pork, burgers, pastrami, and more. I had pastrami. It was awesome. Rich had probably every one's favorite, the Royal Burger. Burger, pastrami, and chili all together.

The road trip didn't end there.  I love ice cream. Love it. But dairy is on the prohibited list due to my kidneys. Unbeknownst to me, Leslie talked  to Zoller and got the ok for me to have some ice cream, to break the rules for one day. So from Oinkster we drove the Farrell's Ice Cream. It's an old fashioned ice cream parlor. We used to go as kids for birthdays. Ice cream sundae for me, with marhsmallow and chocolate sauce. Heaven.

We hung out at Farrell's game area for a while and then head home. I was tired but had the perfect day.


  1. Big M,

    Oinkster, good stuff!! Glad you were able to enjoy the ice cream. I'm sure you noticed they have good beer on tap. Next time, my friend.


  2. What a huge pastrami sandwich!!! Looks like a great day! sis
    p.s. Is it possible to order a Goldman tee shirt? I would were a medium or large, depending if its 100% cotton or not. Zach does screen printing, he can make more for you. Let me know the cost, and reimburse for that, & shipping and handling.

  3. What a day.

    Diners Drive Ins and Dives hosted by Santa Rosa's own Guy Fieri.

    Saturday was also the day of my AP prediction for 3 touchdowns, which I see has set your website ablaze. I mean, seriously, people CANNOT stop talking about it.

    I mean really.

    Wait until they win in Chicago this Sunday night. That will really shake people up.

    Remember.... McNabb from Chicago, right. Cutler picky picky on occasion. Let down from Monday night. Now they get an easy win.... or do they. That's what they said last year on an icy night in early January when the horned purple excitement machines danced their way into the windy city and left with a V-V-Victory.

    Be Aggressive, Be Be Aggressive....
    B-E A-G-G R-E-S-S-I-V-E
    Aggressive, Be Be Aggressive.

    You aint got no alibi
    You Ugly, hey hey
    You Ugly

    (Thought the impromptu cheerleading would, um.... cheer you up)

    And you can hear
    From far and near
    The Mighty Bruin Roar !!!!
    U clap clap clap
    C clap clap clap
    L (non rolling L) clap clap clap
    A clap clap clap

    U-C-L-A, fuck SC

    (it's how i learned it, sue me)

    things are sounding great, keep it up


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