Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two in a we have a trend?

Me says yes. Two labs in a row with positive results. That's a first! Creatinin down to 7.28.  Alright, we are seeing some improvement. Got the results while I was getting a blood transfusion today. So seems like the treanda might be working.  It certainly is kicking my ass.  Fucking tired and often nauseous. But I'll take it.  Tonight I add revlamed to the mix.

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  1. Hey Matt, I swung by my church today, and had yet another talk with my pastor. The Church on the Hilltop has approximately 200 people praying for you. They pass out a daily prayer list, and you are always on it. I think the power of the Lord, the power of science, and new clinical trials, all the money put into Cancer research, etc. is finally starting to pay off. Let's keep those creatinine levels at a proper point each day. Thank God for another beautiful day, believe in the power of prayer!! We will get you through this 4 month shithole. One day you'll look and say" man I accomplished that before my 50th B-Day", now I'm good, I survived, just lave me alone, and go pick on someone else!!! I've had enough, thankyou for the wakeup call, I've learned from it. I realize how precious this thing called Life is, I now have a whole new outlook on each day. I'm blessed to take another breath. Now God I get the big picture! Life is so precious, enjoy each moment to the fulllist. We are born to live. All we have to do is pay taxes, and then we all have to die at some point. We're born to live, we live to die. It's not your time yet!! Luv sis!!!


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