Thursday, September 15, 2011

Treanda says " F u myeloma"

Saw Dr. Berenson today. He's basically my myeloma consultant. He said it looks like we're getting "traction" with the new chemo regimen. We're doing good and next week I start cycle two of this regimen, Good news! We're getting somewhere.  Thank you treanda.

I've felt really good this week. Worked a lot, had energy, etc, etc.  Next week that ends as cycle two starts. But that's ok, its working.

Kidneys still questionable...but lab work I had done today ought to give some answers. My arms is recovering from the AV shunt surgery. It's pretty freaky. You can feel the blood moving in my wrist and if you hold the wrist up to your ear, you can hear the blood pumping away. Really weird.

I've been missing the bike a lot lately. Might try and ride the stationary bike this weekend.

Other news...going to Reagan library on Saturday with Matt.
Sunday, Vikings bounce back and win.


  1. Yeah! This made me smile! Come on Treanda, keep on keeping on!

  2. Matt!! Maybe a bike around our neighborhood? El Do. for a slow cautious loop?


Berenson Oncology Success Rate

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