Friday, September 9, 2011

Rapid Fire Summary and Update

Diagnosed with multiple myeloma May 2.
Started chemo May 3.
Three different chemo mixes didn't work.
Started new drug mix late August. Signs that it is working.
Drop in bad protein in urine.
Kidneys still bad but has been stabilization and a little improvement.

Still not on dialysis, although super duper close. I've opted to put it off for now and let chemo do its trick.
Nonetheless, getting AV shunt (merging of a vein and artery in arm)today. Shunt would be used if dialysis were needed and allows for eventual removal of tubes hanging out of my chest.

Currently in hospital cause of high fever the other day.
Should be going home today after AV procedure.

Other facts:
Still have my hair
Still working part office and from home
Threw up for first time the other day
Also a first, talked to a cancer life coach yesterday....the mental part is as difficult as the physical.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I so appreciate this blog and the way you keep us all informed..good, bad and ugly. I know it can't be easy to keep it going so regularly. Hang in there. At least it's football season, right? Sorry about your Vikings. Go Bruins. --Julee


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