Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Double Entry Day

And the response to the subject line would be?

Any how, I don't update my blog as much as I used to. The thrill is kind of gone. And who wants to read about my anger (although anger has subsided quite a bit) and worry and stuff like that?  But I do update it with key information.  So today I thought it worth noting, that I'm at work today and for the first time in months, I am working past noon. I'm taking a lunch break, just like regular people and then I'll continue working after lunch.  We'll see how I do, but so far I feel pretty darn good. It's a beautiful day!


  1. It's a beautiful day!! Enjoy what u feel today and every day!!! I think too many of us take life for granted. We are blessed with the air we breath, and our sight on total beautiful moments. Breath it, think it; just go for it!!!


  2. I check your blog often. Keep sharing. Keep us posted!!! Especially this good stuff.


  3. Yes, we all love the blog...even if it is hard for you to share. We want to know so don't ever NOT write because you think we don't want to know. We do! Glad there is some positive news. Sending all good thoughts your way this weekend!



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