Tuesday, September 27, 2011

chemo day and lab results

First, latest labs. The bad protein in the urine is down to 2,700. Good news. It had been 6,500 at one point. 2,700 what, you may ask? Heck if I know, but the number is going down and that's real good. My red blood count went up to 10.6....that's as high as it's been this whole time.. Normal is about 14 and my low was 6, a couple of months ago. Creatinin is still way too high...7.9. so the kidneys aren't following the trend. But I'm not on dialysis and everything still works. Friday we see Zoller the kidney doctor.

When the kidneys do improve, here is what I plan to ingest....mac & cheese, pizza, blizzard from dairy queen, quesadilla, and cold beer.

Chemo was uneventful. No treanda today, so it was a short treatment...just a couple of hours. No drama in the doctor's office, but there was another new person getting chemo. Cancer takes no holiday.

Vikings are 0-3. They blew another halftime lead. What the heck? Give Peterson the ball!

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  1. I've got dibs on the quessadilla and beer meal!!!! Go Goldman! Matt.


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