Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another double entry day

You're looking at a picture of my perm a cath (and my man boob). It's a couple of tubes that are connected straight to a major artery.  I've had it since mid July.  It has to be flushed every week or two, can't get wet and carries a risk of infection. We had it installed when I did plasmapherisis. It stayed in, in case I was to do dialysis. However, I now have my av shunt also known as the fistula....which said repeatedly can lead to a number of double entendre jokes, Double fistula, if you will.   But with the shunt, the perm a cath ought to be removed in a week or two. Yes!

Today it hit me. I'm taking my kidney meds, I'm sticking to a kidney diet, and I'm flushing. But the kidneys are not quite seeing the improvement that the cancer is. So what's the missing ingredient? Exercise, of course. I walk Gracie sure, But that's it. I haven't really worked out since I got the perm a cath. I don't want to sweat on it, I don't want to get an infection and I can't shower....bathes only, which is working. But I did a little research on the internets today and exercise is good for kidney disease. I need to exercise. So once these tubes are out, we'll start slow. Ride a little, lift a little, maybe even swim....which won't put strain on my bones. I need to attack this kidney issue. Fuck you myeloma and the kidney problems you've caused. But I've got it under control.

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