Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, Another Week....Time to dig in

Today we have a dietitian appointment in the morning. We need to figure out this kidney diet. Leslie read me some stuff over the weekend, and it's just ridicules. We need to feed the body with good stuff to help fight the cancer. But then I have to watch what I eat because of the kidneys. But then the kidneys are jacked up primarily because of the cancer. It's a vicious, annoying circle.

And I am starting to think that we need to go all in with regard to fighting the cancer. Not sure I can wait for the kidneys to be ok for the City of Hope to do the stem cell process. We're getting lab work today and will have results tomorrow. Based on those results, I want to have a conversation with Dr Phan about looking at Cedars, UCLA, USC or even University of Arkansas, which has a leading myeloma research & treatment facility.  What's interesting, is that most folks talk about myeloma in terms of managing it, extending life and maintaining quality of life.  Arkansas talks about an actual cure and how that might be achievable. It's a slight difference in wording.....manageable vs cure.  But it's a huge difference. I want a cure. I want to bike to work, I want to climb mountains, I want to lead an active life. Sure maintaining quality of life sounds pretty good right about now. But it doesn't sound like it means leading life as I used to.  Perhaps I am reading between the lines or am getting into semantics.

Either way, I need this week to make some decisions and map out a path to normalcy. Fuck myeloma and fuck waiting.


  1. Can't wait to squeeze your cheeks!! We're gonna love that cancer right outta ya!

  2. We are all with you Matt!!! A zero-tolerance policy for myeloma sounds good to me. Please, please, please let all of your friends know if there is anything we can do to get it done. Need a ride to Arkansas? We are THERE.


  3. A cure trumps managing it ANY DAY! Arkansas or bust! Love you so much Unc, see you Friday. :)


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