Monday, July 25, 2011

I do know it's Monday

Well, still in the hospital. Boring and not at all relaxing. I had the last of the plsamapheresis today. I still have tubes sticking out of my chest. Assuming my blood work is ok in the morning, I should get out of here tomorrow.  So tonight I am lying in my hospital bed, trying to think positive thoughts about positive blood results. I'm also worried about leaving here with tubes sticking out of my chest. How do I clean them, avoid infection, and prevent Gracie from jumping on my chest in the middle of the night?  Scary!!

What else? I could go through a laundry list of little things that are bugging me physically, but I won't. I actually feel ok, not much different than I've felt for a while.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Matt. If you need a Home Health Nurse to care for your tubes, I'll be there! I went to court on July 14th,2011, and it turns out my RN has always been active in the State of CA. I would love to be there,& take care of your tubes, and of course you!! Love you Sis1


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