Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bye Bye Protein...See You in a Couple of Months

When we first started treatment and first started dealing with my kidneys, I was on a super low protein diet. And I had kidney improvement. Over the past couple of months, my kidneys have gotten worse and I've eaten more protein...too much protein. This past weekend, I had steak, a hamburger, chicken, fish, a couple of turkey sandwiches and maybe something else. Between last Friday and this most recent Tuesday, my kidneys have had a further decline. I'm no doctor, but I'm placing some of the blame on my protein intake. I got lazy with my eating. Can't do that anymore. I gotta stay focused on doing everything right.

Today we have an appointment with kidney doctor. Dr Phan talked to the kidney doc and he knows what is going on. The cancer also produces a bad protein that is impacting my kidneys and my meds have some impact as well. So hopefully the kidney doctor will have some recommendations for getting the damn things under control. I'll probably see another kidney doctor next week to get a second opinion. Also have an appointment with a dietitian next week. The kidney diet and a cancer diet are unfortunately two different things, so finding a balance is key.

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  1. Stay focused. No pain no gain. Fuck food, it's only a craving we get, for what we think our body needs. It's only food. Man has fasted for 40 days, and 40 nights. Water is what's important!! Stay strong, stick to your regimend, do what they say. U climbed those 75 flights of stairs in Seatle, Washington. U were a focused athlete. That was one of the things u wanted to accomplish by your 45th Bday. Now u have to accomplish your strict and fucked kidney/chemo diet; to focus on your 50th b-day. U are of strong will & power. Your not a quiter, do what u have to do. Life is too precious to not keep fighting for what u know u need to do!!!! Love, Dana


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