Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to Reality, and Then Some

Lab work not so great today. Kidneys are worse. WTF?  So now we need to go see kidney doctor this week to get those damn things under control. We're not totally thrilled with the current kidney doctor, so we'll see our doctor this week, but then perhaps make a switch.  My blood count is hanging in there, maybe I'll need another transfusion in a week or so.

Chemo was fine, but if the kidneys don't improve, we might try a different mix of chemo drugs. Got more lab work today, doxil Friday. Argh, so frustrating.

I did talk to an old friend of me and Uncle Jan today.  She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma about 4 years ago.  She was breaking bones at the time, which is how they diagnosed MM. She's doing well now, still has a home chemo routine, but is nearly in remission. She described myeloma is being a diseases that isn't curable, but is certainly manageable over time.  Her message was positive and encouraging. Certainly there is the potential for lots of other side effects.

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  1. Good for u buddy! As a patient advocate, and understanding how insurance companies pay, u definetley have the right to another opion! Again, as a patient advocate, seek all the knowledge u can, knowledge is good, esp. when it comes to u!!! Don't just listen to one's professional opinion. Get a second one for Gods sake. U have that right, and no body, not even the insurance companies can take that from u. JUST DO IT!!! SIS


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