Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend with a View

It's sunday evening and I am looking out across the city from my 6th floor room at Long Beach Memorial. Once again, I didn't expect to be here. Woke up saturday tired but ok. John and Doreen were in town for visit. Leslie and I went to breakfast with them and then came back to our house to relax and maybe nap a little. We thought we'd go out for dinner and I could rest up for it.

But I had to go and get a fever. Dr Phan said to keep an eye on fevers. Chemo + fever = something to watch. Leslie called the doc and he said go to hospital. We need to make sure I don't have an infection, which can happen while on chemo. Lots of lab work and lots of precautionary antibiotics....and no infection. But my blood count was low so since I am here, i got a transfusion today. Thanks anonymous donor. And since it is sunday, not a lot of doctors around to release me and I am here till monday. I did learn that it is common to get a fever two days after doxil. Good to know.

So John and Doreen and Leslie spent a lot of time here at the hospital. Fun for everyone! At least I have a good view, tv and my own room. But i will also say this: This sucks. The whole fricking myeloma deal sucks. I miss Leslie. I miss Gracie. I miss my house. I miss my friends. I miss being able to simply hang out. I miss being able to talk to family without them worrying, I try to minimize their worry. i would rather be able to talk about something other than my health. I feel like I've become a one dimensional, one topic person. A one trick pony, if you will. Boring!

But! This is all part of the process. Fatigue, fever, unexpected hospital visits. It happens. A couple of days in the hospital is worth the peace of mind and might simply go along with doxil. Yeah i hate cancer and yeah it bums me out, but I' ll beat it and in a few months when I am in remission, these couple of days will have been forgotten.

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