Friday, June 3, 2011

This Morning's Topic- My Angry List

For the most part I'm staying positive and upbeat about this whole thing. What else can a person do? But last night and this morning, I put together a list of what I am pissed about. Here goes:

  • having to get up 85 times a night to pee
  • today's rock
  • the headache I occasionally get right behind my eyes
  • the switch that flips from being awake to being exhausted
  • brett favre throwing the interception against the saints and then jacking up the 2010 season
  • the NFL lockout (I can't even watch the NFL Network because it's all labor talk and nothing about training camps and the upcoming season)
  • the one person at work, who almost maliciously, refuses to acknowledge that I am doing my job while battling cancer. ( this I will not forget)
  • not being able to sit and eat a super sized bag of sour cream & onion potato chips
  • not being able to mow my own lawn
  • seeing the empty bike rack at work and not being able to ride to work
  • forgetting to do stuff
I suppose that's it.


  1. I'm impressed that Frank and Jamie McCourt and what they did to the Dodgers didn't even make the cut. That's totally on my list...along with the latest addition: "Matt's evil coworker" ---Julee

  2. I didn't even know we had rock today.

  3. well, except for the Bieber, that is.


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