Friday, June 24, 2011


I do believe I've reached a new stage in my feelings about this here cancer thing....impatience. I'm ready to blast the living crap of myeloma, now!  We had an office visit with my doctor yesterday. Because of my brief hospital stay, my chemo was postponed this week to give my body a break. But to me, this sounds like we are giving myeloma a free week to do its work. Not good. The doctor (the expert) wanted me to complete cycle 3 next week, then I'd get a week off before starting cycle 4 and before getting doxil again....a week after its originally schedule date.  He said it wouldn't be a big deal and that I'd be fine. Apparently there are safety concerns with the chemo drugs, doxil especially, in terms of overdoing the infusion.  The toxicity of the chemo drugs has to be considered in the scheduling of treatment. So it's ok to delay treatment, but you can't speed it up.  The body needs the break.  But again, I am impatient and all these delays don't sound good to me.

Dr Phan's solution was to have me do my velcade treatment yesterday and on Monday we'll do velcade again and this will complete cycle 3. Then I'll get the rest of next week off (my originally scheduled week off). And on July 5, we'll get going with cycle 4 and another round of Doxil, right on schedule. Make sense? Or did I just confuse everyone? To put it in tennis terms, it's kind of like Wimbledon when rain delays matches. Normally the first Sunday of the tournament is an off day, but when there are rain delays, they'll play matches to get caught up. Yeah, this is just like that.

We're also still aiming for getting me ready for City of Hope and if it were up to me, we'd start that immediately as well.  But as Leslie and the doctor reminded me, stay calm, be patient, and we'll get to things in due time.

As for today, my plans are to work out this morning, do some personal organizing, and spend some good quality on a bike policy that I've been working on for the port. I'm so dang busy with other projects when I'm at the office that my bike planning efforts are really not where I want them to be. So I gotta crank it out today.  Oh and it's my weekly lab work today....results Monday.

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