Thursday, June 9, 2011


Alright, got my transfusion today. 2 units of O+. We thought it would take all day, but only took about 5 hours and I definitely felt better afterwards and actually had some color in my face and lips Just as a point of reference, a male should typically have a hemoglobin count of 15. Monday I was 8.4. The transfusion ought to get me up to 11ish.

I had the transfusion at Community Hospital in Long Beach. It's a small, old school hospital that was super quiet and nurses were super friendly and talkative. One nurse ran the whole show, she's been there 32 years and was cool. She had a Russian woman helping her today, and there was a bit of tension between the two nurses. Rocky vs Ivan Drago.  (side note, I heard a Broadway musical is being developed based on Rocky. But what I'd really like to see is the Book of Mormon Broadway show. Did you hear that Make a Wish?)

Leslie and I watched Modern Family, read, she did some spreadsheet work and I napped.  The nurses listen to an 80s station, and Tears for Fears was by far their favorite of the day. Some woman who looked familiar to me and Leslie came by who knew all the nurses and spent half an hour telling them about all her recent plastic surgery. They were pretty into it.  Weird.

The highlight though was lunch. Turkey and stuffing. It was fucking good. Best hospital food I've had....ever. I really loved the the stuffing. We're going to make some at home for sure. Lots of fat and empty calories. That's on my diet. Just need to make sure we use low sodium broth. Sodium=bad.

I've increased my liquid intake and I didn't think it was possible to pee more than I already do. But I am. Peeing=good.

I did read a couple of things that I shouldn't have read while lying there. Bad idea. It kind of got me down and made me wonder if I can do this. Fear & doubt=bad. So my lesson learned today is to focus on  the positive.

Tomorrow is Dr Phan office visit to discuss adding additional med to my chemo mix.


  1. Amazing what a little blood can do. Humor is back.
    Love, Mom

  2. Hey Matt,

    Speaking of Rocky Balboa, here is a bit of useless trivia. Who was the first guy Rocky fought in the first movie? If you guessed Spiderico you are correct. Hang in there champ and keep up the good fight.

    - Pauly

  3. OMG "Did you hear that Make a Wish" made me laugh out loud.

    Was it the Modern Family where Cam does the school play and Luke who is supposed to the L in world is stuck up in the rafters so when they do the sign in the finale it reads WE LOVE THE WORD (instead of WORLD) and then F comes down between THE and WORD. So the finale of the school play is the elementary school kids holding up a sign saying WE LOVE THE F WORD. That cracked me up.

    Turn that hemoglobin up to 11 and rock on...

  4. My friend Michael (the token black at our wedding) is in Book of Mormon. Perhaps when you're feeling better......


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