Monday, May 23, 2011


It's Monday and I'm at work. For the most part, on days I don't have treatment, I come to work.  Typically I try to work till noon or 1. And then it's go home and it's nappy nap time.  I also put in some hours from home, answering emails or making calls.  I've only had one bad day at work and that was last week. I was sitting in a meeting and I could feel tiredness and a headache building.  Meetings generally seem to last forever. This one in particular really dragged on. I had an item I needed to discuss and it didn't come up until the end. But when that meeting ended, I knew I needed to get home. It was only 9:30 in the morning, but I was beat.  I didn't even want to drive myself home. So Matt Arms, who has been great through this process...watching Gracie when I was in the hospital and with Rich, doing a bunch of work in our yard, making it super low maintenance, since doing yard work is a no no for me and my weakened immune system. (Was what I wrote even a sentence or make any sense?)

Anyhow, Arms gave me a ride home and I had my second little mini breakdown about how much this sucks.  But then we started talking about when I can go to the Pike again for beer and fish & chips and that always makes me feel better.

Today I feel great and will make it to noon, no problem.

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  1. We also can't wait until you're feeling better. Beer & Fish n' Chips for everyone!!!


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