Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post Buzz Cut 2011

Matt and Rich only live a few miles from us. Luckily. After the day yesterday, I was fricking beat. No nap all day. I did get a little shut eye on their couch...during which a whole bunch of stuff fell out of my pockets, including my house keys. But we didn't realize the keys were in their couch until we got back home. That sucked! I was so mad at myself and so sad.  I had a little neck pain driving home and I got paranoid about my bone strength. I just wanted to lie down. I'd done some reading of other people's blogs this weekend and read a couple of stories of broken neck bones that people thought were simply strained necks. Paranoia...once of the worst emotions you can have.  Anyhow we drove back to Arm's house and got the keys. Like I said, lucky we live close to each other. Nonetheless, it was a great day and worth the exhaustion.

On my to do list: Get a massive key chain that I can't lose and can't forget. 
We mentioned my neck pain to the doctor today and he assured me that the full body bone x-rays we did 3 weeks ago showed no bone weakness or damage.

One other note, which is really a pre buzz cut note. Amber came over and did some yard in our backyard yesterday.  It was very thoughtful of her and once again reminded me of how darn nice people can be.

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