Sunday, May 22, 2011

The new normal

I just finished my first cycle of chemo. Trying to get into a routine. I like routines.  So far, no sickness from the treatment. My sleep at night is a bit jacked up. But my mornings are great. I feel good in the mornings, as good as I've felt for the past few months. Oh wait, those haven't been so great. Nonetheless, I have energy in the morning and try to do what I can when I have the energy. But I also am typically tuckered out in the afternoons. Naps and quiet time in the afternoon are key.

However, today was a little different. I worked out for the first time in a month. I won't go to the gym cause I need to avoid germ the gym. But Jenni created a home gym for me in the garage.Used it for the first time today. I was actually a bit nervous at first. Are my bones ok for working out? Will I get tired out after 5 minutes? etc, etc. But it was ok, good actually. It felt good to move and get the juices flowing. And it felt a little normal and nice, just thinking about what I was doing at that time, and not thinking about everything else.

About an hour after working out though, I was tired and needed a nap. It was only 10 am. So I took a nap. That is my prerogative. But now here it is, almost 6 pm, and I don't have the afternoon tiredness. Yay!

The lesson of today is that there is no new normal. Every day might be different.

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  1. Hey, life is "abynormal" anyways. Remember Frankenstein? So you'll have lots of abynormal days. Go with the flow, stay strong, focused. Life isn't fair sometimes. Some abynormal is your life for now, oy vey go with it!! sis


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