Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friday's blood work

This past week I completed cycle one. Which means I had a week off from treatment. The only medical related appointment I had was getting some blood drawn on Friday. But that really pissed me off. I hadn't been poked by a needle in a week and that blood work reminded me about it. Plus some annoying ass lady was on her cell in the lab talking to her doctor about some antibiotic she needed for her infection. Really? Annoying. The anger lasted for the rest of the day.  I even went to lunch with my Mom afterwards and was stewing on the inside cause of the lab experience. Sorry Mom, I might not have been the best person to eat lunch with that day.  But as Dillon says, as long I keep the fire in my belly, I'll be ok.  Take that cell phone lady!

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Berenson Oncology Success Rate

 Some reading about my myeloma specialist's success rate. A press release and an article from Targeted Oncology.