Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cycle Two

Started cycle two of chemo today. Fairly uneventful. Some good kidneys continue to show improvement. Which means treatment is working. Blood count is down a little, which was expected...transfusion from two weeks ago has worn off. But doctor wasn't concerned and blood count is ok. Two other people were getting chemo next to me. Last couple of times, I was the only one there. A documentary on illegal whaling was playing.

I worked out for the second time. That was good.

not much else to report.  I'll go to work tomorrow for a few hours.


  1. this is the second report I have heard about odd, if not inappropriate, treatment room movie screenings. Maybe you should share some of your john hughes movies. and I think I will send a copy of Dave. i am sure that will bring much joy to many.

    good news about those kidneys.

  2. You might have to help dr. Phan set up his wifi, then you can watch your iPad with headphones. Illegal whaling??
    Love, Mom


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